Data recorded in Kanta

Data recorded in Kanta

The data that has been recorded about you in healthcare services and pharmacies, also in social welfare services in the future, is saved in Kanta. You can browse this data yourself in My Kanta pages.

If you give your consent to data sharing, the professionals treating you will also see your data. When your prescription medicines and test results are available to the healthcare professionals looking after you, there is no need to take the same tests over again. With the Kanta Services, healthcare professionals have more time to focus on looking after you.

The data in the Kanta Services consists of

You can browse this data yourself in My Kanta pages.

Storage periods of data entered in Kanta service

Prescription and medical data entered in the Kanta service are held for a period stipulated in the social and healthcare legislation.

Electronic prescriptions are stored for 22,5 years in the Prescription Centre. The storage period of patients' medical records entered in a patient document is 12 years after the patient's death or, if unknown, 120 years from the patient's birth.

Data entered into the Kanta service by the social and health services and pharmacies cannot be removed at the client's request, but the data is deleted once the statutory storage periods have elapsed.

Kanta Services enable sharing of information

The Kanta Services are used by public and private healthcare providers and pharmacies, and may also be used by pharmacies in other European countries. With Kanta, the data is always up-to-date and available in a care situation. Kanta is beneficial to you even if you don't use information technology yourself. Smooth flow of information in the healthcare services enables a better quality of care.

Your data saved in the Kanta Services is processed in a reliable and secure manner. The data is processed by pharmacies and social welfare and healthcare professionals. Viewing of the data always requires a client or care relationship.

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Last updated 05.07.2022