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Kanta Extranet out of action on 28 January 2020 – identification will be launched

Maintenance notice - Professionals Written on 24.01.2020 All maintenance notices identification will be introduced in Kanta Extranet on Tuesday, 28 January 2020. The service will be out of action on that day.

It will not be possible to log in to Kanta Extranet on Tuesday, 28 January 2020. Client data cannot be updated and Kanta services cannot be taken into use. The service will be available again as of 29 January 2020.

To access Kanta Extranet in the future:

  • the user must have personal banking codes, a mobile certificate or a certificate card.
  • OID identifiers and other general data must be up-to-date in the register of the national Code Service.

Further information:

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