Kanta Extranet

Kanta Extranet

Kanta Extranet is an online customer service within the Kanta Services where customers can start using different Kanta services, maintain data related to the use of the Kanta services and study other material related to the use of the Kanta services.


Kanta Extranet – Suomi.fi identification was launched on 29 January 2020

An organization needs to grant a Kanta Extranet user a mandate in Suomi.fi e-Authorizations (suomi.fi) in order for the user to act on the organization’s behalf also in the future. More information (kela.fi, in Finnish and in Swedish).

Access to Kanta Extranet requires:

  • the user must have a online banking code, the mobile certificate or the certificate card (dvv.fi/en)
  • The OID codes and other general information are updated in the registers of the national code server.
  • a Suomi.fi e-authorization. 

The user interface of the Extranet guides the user in performing the necessary procedures. Further help is also provided by a set of instructions with pictures on how to start using the Kanta Services and update the data in the Extranet.

Further information available in Finnish and in Swedish. 


Last updated 31.03.2022