Kanta Extranet

Kanta Extranet

Kanta Extranet is an online customer service within the Kanta Services where customers can for instance start using different Kanta services, maintain data related to the use of the Kanta services and study other material related to the use of the Kanta services.

Access to Kanta Extranet requires:

  • the user must have a Katso ID
  • The OID codes and other general information are updated in the registers of the national code server.

The user interface of the Extranet guides the user in performing the necessary procedures. Further help is also provided by a set of instructions with pictures on how to start using the Kanta Services and update the data in the Extranet.


Kanta Ekstranet – Suomi.fi identification will be launched on 29 January 2020

Suomi.fi identification will be introduced in Kanta Extranet on Tuesday, 28 January 2020.  Katso ID will be replaced by Suomi.fi e-Authorization. An organization needs to grant a Kanta Extranet user a mandate in Suomi.fi e-Authorizations in order for the user to act on the organization’s behalf also in the future. More information (kela.fi, in Finnish and in Swedish).

Katso ID

You log into the Extranet via an upgraded Katso ID, to which a suitable role in Kanta.fi has been assigned for use of the Extranet. In order to divide the responsibility for the updating of the information, these roles should be assigned to several persons within the organisation.

The Katso organisation ID system is a free service provided by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency (prev. Population Register Centre) for the electronic identification of organisations. The service is at https://yritys.tunnistus.fi/ 

If you are using the Katso ID for the first time, please study the basics and service functions on website. Here you will also find help, if you have forgotten your password.

If you have queries or problems with the creation or activation of Katso IDs, please contact the support service for the Katso organisation ID and authorisation system: 

  • telephone 029 497 040 

Extranet roles

Kela has defined the roles carrying Extranet access rights and associated rights (user right roles and user rights). The organisation's Master User allocates the necessary roles to the Extranet users in the organisation. If necessary, it is also possible to allocate a role to another organisation that has joined the Katso service. 

The persons to whom roles are allocated have access to critical data in your organisation, related to the Kanta service functions. Therefore, it is important that the persons to whom the roles are allocated have received thorough training and understand the implications of any additions and changes to the organisation's details they make.

The designated roles come into force after the holder of the Katso ID in question has accepted them.

Kela has defined the following roles for accessing the Extranet:

  • Administrative contact person
  • Technical contact person
  • Data Protection Ombudsman
  • Archivist (Patient Data Repository)
  • Implementer of data communication
  • Reader.

The Master User has the rights corresponding to all the roles. The role descriptions are available at https://yritys.tunnistus.fi/ 

Note: The Katso roles only determine the access rights for Kanta Ekstranet. The data for the contact persons should be entered separately in the Extranet for possible contacts.

Last updated 30.06.2020