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Customer relations and support

Instructions for customer service, use and fault situations of Kanta Services.

Client account

The clients of the Kanta Services are social welfare and healthcare service providers and pharmacies.

Instructions for fault situations

The technical support of Kanta Services provides a 24-hour service to the support organisations of service providers and system suppliers, to citizens using My Kanta Pages and encountering technical problems, and the users of the Kelain service.

Action to be taken in suspected data breaches

These guidelines are provided as support for service providers in situations where an actual or suspected personal data breach has been detected in relation to the Kanta Services. The guidelines are followed in combination with the service provider’s own data protection guidelines.

Trainings and events

Kanta Trainings is a training package for social welfare and healthcare operators and pharmacies. The objective of the trainings is to offer professionals information about the Kanta Services and the nationally harmonised operating models ‒ flexibly online.


The newsletters provide information on current topics in Kanta Services and are intended for health and social service actors and system suppliers. The newsletters are published in Finnish.

Frequently asked questions

Please see the section on Frequently Asked Question before sending your query. The section provides a quick answer to many different issues.

Contact us

General queries and feedback may be sent from the Home Page under Feedback and Ask Us.