Change situations in health and social services

Change situations in health and social services

Administrative or technical changes in enablers of health and social services may have an impact on the use of the Kanta Services. It is the service enabler’s responsibility to notify the Kanta Services of any changes.

Possible change situations to be notified to the Kanta Services are, for example, changes in the health and social service enabler’s  

  • contact persons
  • organisation structure
  • systems or access points 
  • reception of prescription renewal requests 
  • controllership.

Updating of contact details

Service enablers manage their own contact details (e.g. appointment and invoice addresses and contact persons’ details) in Kanta Extranet. Guidance on this is available in

Organisational changes

Changes that have an impact on the use of Kanta Services must be taken into account in changes in the service enabler’s organisational structure. 

An organisational change may result in, e.g.

  • deployment of the Kanta Services as a new organisation
  • termination of a previously made undertaking 
  • change of controller. 

Technical changes

Possible technical changes may include, e.g. a change in the information system or access point used.

Business ID

If the business ID is unchanged, the client account in the Kanta Services will continue on the basis of the previous commitment.

If the business ID changes, the Kanta Services will interpret this as a new client. In such a case, the service enabler must deploy the Kanta Services as a new client. A business ID may change, for example, in the event of incorporation or the establishment of a wellbeing services county.

Change of service enabler's name

The name of a service enabler that has joined the Kanta Services is transferred into the systems of the Kanta Services from THL’s Code Service registers. If the name of a service provider changes, but the OID code and business ID remain unchanged, the name change need not be reported to the Kanta Services. Updating of data is described in THL’s instruction Tietojen tarkastaminen SOTE-organisaatiorekisteristä ja päivityksistä ilmoittaminen (Verifying data from the SOTE organisation register and notifying of updates), version 30.1.2017 (pdf,, in Finnish only).

Last updated 27.12.2023