Receiving prescription renewal requests

Receiving prescription renewal requests

Service enablers that have deployed the Prescription service choose whether they will receive prescription renewal requests via MyKanta and pharmacies.

In order to receive renewal requests, the service enabler must have 

  • a record of the reception of renewal requests in the THL Code Service registers. 
  • renewal request service has been deployed in the Kanta Services. 
    • The service can be deployed in connection with joining the Prescription service, in which case the service is selected on an electronic registration application in Kanta Ekstranet.
    • At a later stage, the deployment or termination of the service is notified on the form for changing the technical data of health and social service enablers.

If a service enabler withdraws from receiving renewal requests, this must be notified by email to 

Prescription renewal requests in organisational change situations

In organisational change situations, it must be taken into account that all prescription renewal requests can be processed before the change takes place in the organisation of the renewal request in question. 

Electronic delivery of renewal requests from pharmacies and MyKanta can be prevented by changing in the SOTE register the reception of renewal requests to end, for example, 8 days before the organisational change. 

Last updated 31.1.2024