Change situations

Change situations

In situations of organisational change, it is important to ensure the continuity of connections to Kanta Services. The organisation's new details are updated in Kanta Extranet.

It is the client's duty to maintain their information required for using Kanta Services. Maintenance involves actions like updating client details in Kanta Extranet (, in Finnish) and register data in the relevant registers.

You log into Kanta Extranet using your authorisation. As far as possible, the master user of the client organisation should set up authorisations for using Kanta Extranet for several persons, so that the responsibility for the correct client details does not rest with a single person. 

Data controller function 

A unit that has entered data into Patient Data Repository or the Client data archive for social welfare services is the controller of the data it has produced. In the event of organisational changes, the data controller is responsible for ensuring that the controller details of the data stored in the system are altered according to the new situation. 

Instructions for change situations (in Finnish)

Interim stages in organisational change

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