Client account in the Kanta Services

Client account in the Kanta Services

The clients of the Kanta Services are social welfare and healthcare service providers and pharmacies.

Healthcare service providers and pharmacies are legally obliged to use the Kanta Services. Until further notice, the deployment of the client data archive for social welfare services is voluntary for both public and private social welfare organisations.

A client account in the Kanta Services is opened in connection with the first deployment of a Kanta service when the person(s) authorised to sign on behalf of the client’s organisation signs the undertaking for the client account in the Kanta Services. 

With their signature, the client undertakes to comply with the general terms of supply of the Kanta Services. The client account remains valid while the client is using a Kanta service. The client account data is maintained in Kanta Ekstranet.

Last updated 27.08.2020

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