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Restrictions on parents and carers acting on behalf of their children are eased in My Kanta Pages

Notice - Citizens Written on 31.01.2017 All notices

An increasing number of parents and carers can now manage their children’s issues in My Kanta Pages.

The right of a parent or carer to act on behalf of a child under 10 years of age will be verified from the Population Information System.  The verification related to the child’s custody has now been eased.

No restriction due to agreement on child’s living arrangements

Previously, a parent or carer was unable to act on behalf of a child if there was an agreement on child custody. Now, the verification of the right to act on behalf of the child has been amended so that this is now possible if there is only an agreement on the child’s living arrangements.

If there is an agreement or order on the child’s custody, taking a stand on matters related to other than those related to the child’s living arrangements, the parent or carer can still not act on behalf of their child in the service.

Acting on a child’s behalf became available in the autumn

Parents and carers were given the opportunity to act on behalf of their children in My Kanta Pages in October 2016. At first, this right applies to children under 10 years of age. The extension has been one of the most requested services of My Kanta Pages.

Further information about acting on behalf of a minor