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null is the third most valued online brand in Finland is the third most valued online brand in Finland

Notice Written on 13.02.2019 All notices

Taloustutkimus has published the results of the survey “Verkkobrändin arvostus Suomessa 2018” (Valuation of online brands in Finland 2018). The survey investigated the best-known Finnish and overseas online brands.

In 2018, was the third most valued Finnish online brand among almost 100 best known Finnish online brands. The ranking remained the same as in the previous year. As in the previous year, the brands that ranked higher than Kanta were Yle Areena and the Finnish Meteorological Institute. Other strong online brands included, which was ranked sixth, which came seventh, and, which was twelfth. 

According to the survey, the site is used at least occasionally by more than half (54%) of Finnish people who go online on a weekly basis. The number of users increased clearly on the previous year. 

The most frequent users of are women, people over 60 years of age, people with an annual income of 40,001–60,000 euros, residents of Southern Finland, people who use social media on a daily basis and those who consider responsibility in their purchases. The valuation index of was 52, which can be regarded as a good result. The valuation level remained almost the same as in the previous year. More than 70% of people who are familiar with the site gave it a good score or higher.  

The user satisfaction index of was 62. The satisfaction of users remained at the same level as in the previous year. has plenty of satisfied users: half of the users gave the service an excellent score.

The number of users who gave a good or excellent score increased considerably on the previous year. has also clearly raised its profile since the previous year. Half of those who scored would be happy to recommend it to others.

The contents and usability of the website are developed constantly. The opinions and proposals of users are also listened to in the development work. 

The survey investigated the recognition, valuation and willingness to recommend online brands among Finnish internet users. 

The survey material was gathered with a three-part survey in the internet panel of Taloustutkimus. The number of respondents was 3,153 in the first stage, 3,026 in the second stage, and 1,967 in the third stage of the survey. The sample represented Finnish internet users with respect to their gender, age and place of residence.