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The best Finnish mobile services were awarded in SuomiAreena in Pori. was the winner of the category for health and well-being services. According to the panel of judges, providing access to the citizens’ health data on a one-stop shop principle acts as a basis for new healthcare service concepts and supports their development. Due to its mobile scalability, it is also more efficient to use the service.

The nationwide Kanta services form a unique entity that enables safe and easy viewing of patient data in various healthcare units throughout the healthcare supply chain.

According to Marina Lindgren, Unit Director of Kela’s Kanta services, Kanta has brought healthcare services closer to the citizens by providing an opportunity to monitor one’s personal health records. On My Kanta Pages, users can see their own prescription data and patient records and monitor the use of their personal information. In the service, you can draw up a living will or organ donation testament and renew prescriptions. offers access to the patient’s personal details anywhere in the world, also on mobile devices. The website is easy to use, for example, on a smartphone or tablet without the need for a specific mobile application, Lindgren explains.

The nationwide competition had eight categories, and it was implemented in cooperation with Digital Forum Finland, the Finnish Software Industry and Entrepreneur Association, and several businesses. Chairman of the panel of judges was Minister of Transport and Communications Anne Berner.  

Kanta services expand their usage

Kanta services are utilised by the entire public healthcare service, pharmacies and several private healthcare providers, and the number of private members is rising further. The data contents are also being expanded. We are currently adding the dental healthcare data in the service, and the customer data of social welfare services will also be included in Kanta in the future. Health-conscious citizens will also be able to save their personal health data in My Kanta Pages in the future.

The Kanta services enable sharing of data between future SOTE operators and, in the future, citizens will probably be able to choose their SOTE service provider through My Kanta Pages.

Mobile use is growing vigorously

In 2016, there were 10.4 million visits to the website. This year, the number of visits so far has been as many as 7.1 million. Accessing the service from a mobile device accounted for 30.4% last year and 35.2% this year. My Kanta Pages have already been used by over 2.1 million citizens.

The Kanta online services are developed by listening to the customers. During next year, the website will be updated and the My Kanta Pages will be developed to improve accessibility to mobile users. Users of the service have been involved in the development work from the start, taking into account various user groups in the planning with respect to usability and accessibility.

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