Asset Publisher is Finland’s second-most highly valued online brand

Notice Written on 25.11.2016 All notices improved its ranking again and achieved the position of the second-most highly valued online brand in Finland. is used by about 35% of Finnish online users on a weekly basis. This share has increased by 10% on last year. The most frequent users of the service are women, those over 39 years of age and people who consider ethics and responsibility in their choices.

Almost 80% of users who are familiar with the service give it a good score or higher. It is positive that people aged 60 to 79 have a high representation in this group. has raised its profile and improved its image during the course of the year. About half of those who are familiar with the service and gave it a score would also be happy to recommend to others. According to the survey, the net promoter score of is 41, which is an excellent result.

The results of the annual survey Verkkobrändin arvostus Suomessa (Valuation of online brands in Finland) for 2016, conducted by Taloustutkimus, were published in November. The survey investigates the recognition and valuation of online brands and the willingness to recommend them amongst Finnish Internet users.