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null Updates to the publication schedule for the Kanta Services

Updates to the publication schedule for the Kanta Services

Notice Written on 29.05.2020 All notices

The publication schedule for the Kanta Services in 2020 has been updated. The publication schedule provides an overall view for the planning of system procurement and the development of system versions.

With the publication schedule, social welfare and healthcare providers can proactively plan their information system purchases and deployments.  The schedule supports the system suppliers in the timely development of system versions. Changes in the publication schedule are marked with an x in the last column of the table. The schedule will be updated next in autumn 2020.

Progress determined by the Client Data Act

The Act on the Electronic Processing of Client Data is being reformed.  In the event of the adoption of the act, it will also bring changes to the sharing of client and patient data in the Kanta Services. The changes require a swift response from social welfare and healthcare organisations and system suppliers already before the act enters into force. The rows related to the management of data sharing have been updated in the schedule. 

The showing of client data in social welfare services in My Kanta Pages will be postponed as a result of the schedule of the Client Data Act. According to current estimates, client data could be shown in My Kanta Pages as from spring 2021.

Changes in acting on behalf of a minor and in social welfare data

Due to the extending of acting on behalf of a minor from children under 10 to all children, it is necessary to make changes to the patient data systems and recording. Production use will start in Kanta Services on 1 October 2020. By then, the healthcare services must have in use at least the version of prescription that is forward compatible.

The functionalities of stage 2 of the client data archive for social welfare services have been installed in the production environment of the client data archive. If the organisation deploys all the functionalities, the information system must have a certificate complying with stage 2. All updates concerning social welfare services have been entered in the publication schedule.

Extraction of summaries in the Patient Data Repository has been deployed

The extraction of key health data has been deployed in the Patient Data Repository on 28 May 2020.  In addition, the schedules of new service requests in the service request reform in the Patient Data Repository have been specified with respect to the start of joint testing and production use. These and other information concerning the Patient Data Repository are available in the publication schedule.

In terms of medication and the Prescription service, more detailed staging and schedule information has been entered in the publication schedule. The entity of pharmacotherapy information management and the medication list has also been specified further. The total concept of pharmacotherapy information management is currently circulating for consultation.

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