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null User fees for Kanta Services in 2020

User fees for Kanta Services in 2020

Notice - Professionals Written on 30.12.2019 All notices

User fees for national information system services are collected from service providers and pharmacies that have joined the Kanta Services. The fees are charged twice a year.

User fees in 2020:

  • The user fee charged to pharmacies is EUR 0.048 per dispensed e-prescription.
  • The user fee charged to public healthcare services is EUR 2.196 per each resident of the municipality.
  • The fee charged to private healthcare providers is EUR 0.371 per issued e-prescription.
  Invoicing period Due date
Pharmacies 1 Jan.–30 Jun. 2020
1 Jul.–31 Dec. 2020
30 Sep. 2020
28 Feb. 2021
Public healthcare services in two equal instalments
in two equal instalments
30 Mar. 2020
31 Dec. 2020
Private healthcare services 1 Jan.–30 Jun. 2020
1 Jul.–31 Dec. 2020
30 Sep. 2020
28 Feb. 2021

The fees are used towards the costs of providing the Kanta services

The fees are used for covering the costs of maintaining the Kanta Services and the certification services provided by the Population Register Centre (the Digital and Population Data Services Agency as of 1 January 2020). The costs of maintaining the patient data management service and the national archiving service are charged to the healthcare service providers that are using these services.

A fee corresponding to the costs of providing the service is charged for the recording of e-prescriptions and their dispensing data and for the use of the Prescription Centre, the Prescription Archive and the Pharmaceutical Database. An e-prescription issued means one prescribed medicine. Cancelled e-prescriptions are also subject to a user fee.

The amount of the user fee is determined in a decree of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (1054/2019). The user fees for 2020 are based on a forecast of the use of the services.

The surplus of user fees for 2018 has been taken into account in determining the user fees for 2020. Any surplus or deficit in user fees for 2019 will be taken into account in 2021.

Invoicing data can be updated in Ekstranet

The invoicing addresses have been drawn from the client register of the Kanta Services. If necessary, you can update your invoicing and other contact details in the Ekstranet in the Kanta Services. Itemisation for invoices in private healthcare services is available in the Kanta Ekstranet.

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