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Kanta gets a new look and a new website

Notice Written on 11.06.2018 All notices

The Kanta Services has got a new look. The website has also been published with a new improved look and structure. Kanta connects citizens and social and healthcare professionals to the same source of information.

The Kanta Services form a unique entity because they produce digital services for the social welfare and healthcare sector, to be utilised by citizens and social welfare and healthcare professionals alike.

The new look reflects the ever-expanding product family of the Kanta Services and the ease of their use in the everyday lives of people.

It demonstrates the seamless and transparent cooperation and reliability between the healthcare and social welfare professionals and their clients.

The website has been redesigned to better serve its targets groups, the citizens, the professionals working in healthcare and social welfare services, and the system developers. The sections for citizens and professionals emphasise the guidelines and the safe use of the service. The manual has been removed from the professional section, and the related material has been compiled in the Deployment and Client Account section. Materials related to the technical development of the services are found in the System Developers section.

Visual image tells about the expanding and personal service

The key task of the Kanta Services is to act as a connecting factor in Finnish healthcare and social welfare services and that way contribute to the availability, functioning and ease of use of the services.

The Kanta logo represents the significant role of the Kanta Services in bringing these services together. In the logo, operators that previously presented themselves separately from each other in real life come together and form a consistent whole, building a uniform platform for social welfare and health services in Finland.

The cubes in the arms of the letter T and the various cube entities shown in other publication material depict the fact that the Kanta Services are a different kind of entity of healthcare and social welfare services for different people. These entities are formed according to the way in which people use the services and My Kanta pages.
The social welfare and wellbeing services that have recently joined in have also been taken into account in the imagery.

Brochures, logos and other visual material

The brochures for the Kanta Services have also been revamped and their contents have been updated. Please destroy all old materials due to their outdated contents and order new brochures.

The social welfare and healthcare services and pharmacies can order new brochures through the website. The brochures are free of charge and they are available in Finnish and Swedish. Other language versions are available online only.

My Kanta pages and Ekstranet will also roll out a new look soon.

Change the old logos!

The old Kanta logo must not be used anymore. Please change it to the new one. New logos and templates can be requested from Kanta Communications.
We suggest you also check any links on the website.

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