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Organ donation testament can be drawn up in My Kanta Pages

Notice - Citizens Written on 12.10.2018 All notices

An organ donation testament means that you wish to donate organs and tissues after death to be used in organ transplantation for another person. You can easily save your organ donation testament with just a single click on the Organ donation testament page in My Kanta Pages. If you wish, you can also enter additional information or print out a valid organ donation testament.

Log in to My Kanta Pages with your online banking codes, mobile certificate or electronic ID card. The My Kanta Pages interface is available in Finnish and Swedish.

An organ donation testament drawn up in My Kanta Pages is recorded in the Patient Data Repository in the Kanta services where it is available to healthcare units.

In Finland, everyone is an organ donor unless they have expressed their refusal to donate. However, efforts will be made to find out the donor’s view on the matter. If the person has not discussed their organ donation testament with their relatives, it can be found out from an organ donation card kept in the wallet, a mobile application or information recorded in My Kanta Pages.

The European Day for Organ Donation is held on Saturday, 13 October, and the Organ Transplant Week on 8–13 October.


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