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My Kanta Pages helps you also during the coronavirus outbreak – make sure that healthcare professionals have the right to use your data

Coronavirus - Citizens Written on 30.03.2020 All notices

My Kanta Pages works remotely and by mobile phone also during the pandemic. If you have not yet done so, please give your consent in My Kanta Pages for healthcare providers to also see your health data that has been recorded by other units.

If I am admitted to hospital, will the healthcare professionals see all my health data?

If you are infected with the coronavirus, you may need to seek help in a different healthcare unit from the one you normally visit. In such a case, it is important that the healthcare professionals have access to all the health data that has been recorded of you. 

In My Kanta Pages, you can give your consent for healthcare providers to also see your health data that has been recorded by other units. So if you have not done so yet, please log in to My Kanta Pages and give your consent. The data can only be viewed on the basis of access rights and patient care context according to the healthcare professional’s duties. 

How do I give my consent to using my data in healthcare services?

  • Log in to My Kanta Pages and go to Consent and refusals.
  • Read and acknowledge the section Information about using patient data.
  • After that, click to open the section Consent to sharing patient data, where you can give your consent to sharing patient data for healthcare purposes.

How can I utilise My Kanta Pages in other ways?  

In My Kanta Pages, you can view your health data and the results of your laboratory tests. If you have prescriptions that need renewing right now, you can request a repeat prescription via My Kanta Pages. That way you need not visit your healthcare provider in person and you will also reduce the workload of professionals in the pandemic situation.

I normally use a private healthcare provider. Where can I get a repeat prescription?

The easiest way is to renew prescriptions at the same medical centre that has issued them. Many private medical centres also use digital remote services. That will reduce the workload of the public sector in the pandemic situation.

How can I act in a pharmacy on behalf of a person over 70?

According to the Finnish government’s guidelines, people over 70 must avoid going outside their home due to the risk of a coronavirus infection. Although for the time being you cannot act on behalf of another person in My Kanta Pages, it is possible to purchase medicines in a pharmacy for someone else.

At the moment, a family member or a friend should visit a pharmacy on behalf of a person over 70. When you collect the prescription medicines for someone else, you must have their Kela card or the patient instruction sheet of the prescription with you. If you are using the Kela card of another person while visiting the pharmacy, you must know the information of the medicine you are collecting.  In the service, you can also authorise another person to act on your behalf in a pharmacy. 

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