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Renewing a prescription is easy in My Kanta Pages

Notice - Citizens Written on 09.11.2017 All notices

Electronic renewal of prescriptions is one of the most popular functions in My Kanta Pages. About 6,300 renewal requests are made in My Kanta Pages every day.

Logging in to My Kanta Pages takes place with electronic authentication using online banking codes, an electronic ID card or a mobile certificate.

If you have several prescriptions, My Kanta Pages allows you to view, for example, prescriptions which will expire soon or which have a pending renewal request.

As a rule, prescriptions are valid for two years. “Some prescriptions have a shorter validity period, for example, one year. Generally, prescriptions that will expire within the next two months are marked in red in the prescription list in My Kanta Pages,” explains Customer Relations Manager Sini Palo who is responsible for electronic prescriptions.

A prescription renewal request is made by selecting the prescription to be renewed. After that, you need to select where the prescription request renewal will be sent.

Prescriptions that are not listed for renewal cannot be renewed through My Kanta Pages.

“All units that have issued a prescription for the person in the past are suggested by My Kanta Pages as a recipient of the renewal request. If a renewal request is sent to a healthcare organisation that has no patient care relationship with the patient yet, the prescription may not be renewed.

“Sometimes the healthcare provider may also want to see the patient between prescription renewals.”

If a prescription renewal request is rejected, it can no longer be renewed through My Kanta Pages and the person needs to contact the healthcare provider in question, for example, by telephone.

My Kanta Pages will also ask the renewing person for their mobile phone number. It is useful to give your contact number, Palo recommends. That way, you will get a text message notification when the prescription has been renewed.

“Make sure you enter the correct number. However, even if the text message is sent to the wrong number due to an error, no critical information will ever end up in the wrong hands that way.”

In addition to the phone number, it is worth giving your consent in connection with making the renewal request to give the doctor a permission to view your other prescription information in the Prescription Centre for the purpose of processing the renewal request. Just tick the section in question when you submit a renewal request.

Palo adds that it is also worth keeping a careful eye on the renewal times.

“If your old prescription still has medicines left to dispense and the prescription is renewed, the old prescription can no longer be used for getting your medication.

By law, the prescription renewal request must be processed within eight days of the healthcare provider receiving the request.

“The response time depends on the operating model used by the healthcare provider. In my own experience, I have usually had a response within a couple of days,” Palo says.

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