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Finns are interested in digital healthcare services

Notice Written on 09.10.2017 All notices

According to a survey commissioned by the Association of Finnish Pharmacies, the Finnish Medical Association and the Pharmaceutical Information Centre, e-prescriptions and My Kanta Pages have become established as part of the healthcare services.

Three out of four Finns have already used digital services such as My Kanta Pages where you can view your personal health data and prescriptions and send a prescription renewal request.

The first electronic prescriptions in Finland were dispensed by pharmacies in 2010. Nine out of ten Finns were satisfied with e-prescriptions. The prescription service is part of the Kanta services, which are used by healthcare service providers, pharmacies and citizens.

About 60 per cent of the respondents are of the opinion that digitalisation has improved the healthcare services.

This is how Finns are using digital healthcare services

  • 73% have used digital healthcare services (e.g. My Kanta Pages)
  • 38% search for information about medicines on a mobile device after a medical appointment or visit to the pharmacy
  • 21% monitor their health with a mobile application
  • 19% have used an online pharmacy
  • 9% keep a record of their medication and vaccination data in the online service
  • 4% have used the services of a remote doctor

One thousand Finnish citizens took part in the survey in September 2017.

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