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null Research result published: users of My Kanta Pages have extremely positive experiences with the service

Research result published: users of My Kanta Pages have extremely positive experiences with the service

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The University of Eastern Finland has published the results of the first scientific research on the public’s awareness of My Kanta Pages service, its use and the experiences related to its usability. The research is part of a project by the School of Pharmacy of the University of Eastern Finland concerning the impacts of the deployment of electronic prescriptions on issuing and dispensing medicines and on medication safety.

The research shows that young people, those with a higher education level, those using prescription drugs on a regular basis and customers who have received a sufficient amount of information about electronic prescriptions were most familiar with My Kanta Pages.

According to Professor Riitta Ahonen, head of the research team: ‘The users are extremely satisfied with the service, but a large number of people using medicines are not using the service yet or are reluctant to use it. On the international scale, My Kanta Pages is a unique service as there are not many similar national online services.’

A total of 97% of the users of My Kanta Pages felt that it was easy and effortless to log in to the service. The display view of the service was found to be clear and easy to understand. The majority, 94%, were of the opinion that My Kanta Pages give a good overall picture of their own medication regime. A total of 93% felt that the service makes it easy to monitor the medicines remaining on the prescriptions and 81% thought that it is easy to check whether a prescription has been renewed.

The survey was carried out in 18 pharmacies in different parts of Finland in autumn 2015. The survey type is a questionnaire and its reply rate was 44.

The study has been published in the International Journal of Medical Informatics. Read the entire publication (in English).

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Johanna Timonen, University Researcher, tel. +358 40 8393153, johanna.timonen(at)

Professor Riitta Ahonen, tel. +358 50 3637902, riitta.ahonen(at)