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New free citizen's brochure on Kanta Services now available to order – Destroy your old Kanta brochures!

Notice - Professionals Written on 10.08.2018 All notices

The Kanta brochures with outdated contents and look (Omakanta [My Kanta Pages] and Resepti – Potilastiedon arkisto [Prescription – Patient Data Repository] are now replaced by a single brochure for citizens. The title of the new brochure is Kanta-tietoa kansalaisille [Kanta Information for Citizens].

The free brochures may be ordered by social and healthcare service points and pharmacies from the Kanta Services website.

The brochure provides guidance in plain language on using My Kanta Pages, as well as information on the other Kanta Services for citizens. 

The printed version is available in Finnish and Swedish. The other language versions are, or shortly will be, also available for printing out on the website: English, Estonian, Russian, Somali, Arabic, Sorani, Inari Sami, Skolt Sami, Nordic Sami. 

Send the outdated brochures for recycling and order new brochures free of charge!