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null Validation service moves to the cloud on 1 February 2017

Validation service moves to the cloud on 1 February 2017

Notice - Professionals Written on 18.01.2017 All notices

The technical environment of the Kanta validation service will move to a cloud service maintained by IHE-Europe AISBL in February 2017.

The service can still be used as before, because all of the test documents validated in the current service and the user IDs will be migrated as such from the old environment to the new, cloud service-based environment.

 The developer of the test platform used in the service is the IHE organisation (Gazelle EVSClient) and the latest updates and support of the service will be available even more effectively than before. As a result of the new platform, the service description and instructions for use will be updated, and they will still be available as links on the main page of the service in the same way as before.

Registering as a new user of the service will take place through a link on the main page of the service instead of the previous email method. The service can also be used without registration.  

The Kanta services will provide a browser-based validation service for HL7 CDA R2 documents for practising the use of the service. The validation service is available at the address  The service is free of charge and open to all those taking part in the testing of Kanta services. The service includes the validation rules for HL7 CDA R2 documents produced by the patient data systems with respect to the Patient Data Repository and electronic prescriptions. It is particularly recommended to use the service before joining the actual Kanta client testing as it will help to reduce errors in documents at an early stage.