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12.10.2023, Blog - Citizens

How information moves through Kanta

Patient data is stored in Kanta as recorded by a health care professional in the patient information system. Every citizen can view their own data in MyKanta.

28.10.2020, Blog - Citizens

Data stored in the Kanta Services is secured in multiple ways – Visit the My Kanta Pages to view your personal information

All public-sector healthcare organisations and a large percentage of private providers have joined the Kanta Services. Electronic medical and prescription records and the flow of data between healthcare organisations are important for good care and patient security. Data security in the Kanta Services is monitored and developed further on a continual basis.

16.12.2019, Blog

Eye health data easily from Kanta

Optometrists and ophthalmologists can make use of clients' eye health data in Kanta Services in support of treatment. Citizens can also view their records easily in My Kanta Pages.

26.9.2019, Blog

Kanta Services arouse interest abroad

The Kela Kanta Services are unique worldwide, and they are arousing interest also outside Finland. International cooperation opens up new opportunities for developing digital health services.

4.7.2019, Blog

Number of users of My Kanta Pages by municipality

About half of the total adult population in Finland have used the My Kanta Pages service. In 2018, the service was accessed by more than two million people, and just under a quarter of them (23%) live in the Helsinki region.

10.5.2019, Blog

Private network safeguards data communications in Kanta Services

The Kanta Services have been updating the instructions on data communication links between the clients' technical access points and the Kanta Services. A private network connection must be used when joining the service in order to guarantee availability and quality of services.

25.2.2019, Blog

My Kanta Pages, year 2018 in figures

My Kanta Pages is a citizens’ own online service that shows the patient’s information and medication recorded by healthcare services. In 2018, My Kanta Pages of the Kanta Services had more than 2.1 million users. The total number of logins into My Kanta Pages last year was about 16.8 million.