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04/07/2019, Blog

Number of users of My Kanta Pages by municipality

About half of the total adult population in Finland have used the My Kanta Pages service. In 2018, the service was accessed by more than two million people, and just under a quarter of them (23%) live in the Helsinki region.

10/05/2019, Blog

Private network safeguards data communications in Kanta Services

The Kanta Services have been updating the instructions on data communication links between the clients' technical access points and the Kanta Services. A private network connection must be used when joining the service in order to guarantee availability and quality of services.

25/02/2019, Blog

My Kanta Pages, year 2018 in figures

My Kanta Pages is a citizens’ own online service that shows the patient’s information and medication recorded by healthcare services. In 2018, My Kanta Pages of the Kanta Services had more than 2.1 million users. The total number of logins into My Kanta Pages last year was about 16.8 million.

08/02/2019, Blog

Kanta PHR supports self-monitoring of wellbeing

Citizens can monitor their own health and wellbeing with the My Kanta Pages Personal Health Record (Kanta PHR). The data will also be useful in the healthcare services in the future.

26/10/2018, Blog - Professionals

How is data security ensured in the use of Kanta Services?

The social welfare and healthcare service providers take care of appropriate data security practices by self-monitoring their data protection and data security. Certification ensures that the information systems in use meet the data security requirements with respect to system suppliers.

19/10/2018, Blog

Imaging studies for nationwide use

Healthcare providers can now deploy the Archive of Imaging Data for archiving imaging studies created in patient care. What does the deployment of the service require?