Connection models

Connection models

The Kanta Services can be deployed using various connection models.

In the direct connection model, the joining social welfare or healthcare service provider shall give an undertaking on the use of the Kanta Services and accept the service description of the service. With the direct connection model, both private and public service providers can deploy the Patient Data Repository, the Prescription service and the client data archive for social welfare services. 

Private healthcare providers can deploy the Patient Data Repository and the Prescription service using the joint connection model. In the joint connection model, a service provider giving an undertaking with the direct connection model shall connect other service providers as users of the Kanta Services, for example, those operating in a franchising chain or groups. The service providers shall come to a mutual agreement concerning the responsibilities and obligations related to the use of the Kanta Services.

More detailed instructions on the deployment of the connection models are available in Finnish and Swedish as the service is only available in these languages.

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Last updated 19.04.2021