Correction of incorrect data

Correction of incorrect data

If a client's data are not visible in MyKanta or there is an error in the data, the matter will be investigated by social welfare and health care services.

MyKanta displays data in the format in which it was recorded by a social welfare or health care professional. Therefore, incorrect data must be corrected by the unit that made the entry. The patient should never be directed to contact Kanta Services themselves.

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If there is an error in a client’s data in MyKanta

Correct or invalidate the incorrect data in your client or patient information system. Data that is corrected through the system is stored in Kanta Services, so it will also be visible to the client in MyKanta. 

Instructions are provided at the bottom of the page on what to do if you cannot correct an error. 

If the data cannot be found in MyKanta

Check with the client

First, check with the client whether they are searching for the data in MyKanta correctly: 

  1. Are they viewing the data for the right person, either their own data or the data of a person on whose behalf they are acting?    
  2. Are they searching in the correct section? The data should be available at least in Medical Records or Social welfare services client data.  

Check internally within the organisation

Then check whether the reason for the lack of data is your organisation's data storage policies:

  1. Does your organisation store the data the user is looking for in Kanta? 
    • It is not yet possible for all patient information systems to store all information, such as specific certificates or imaging examinations, in Kanta.
    • Not all data generated by social welfare services is currently stored in Kanta.
  2. Has the display of this data in MyKanta been delayed?
  3. If you are not sure whether the data has been saved in Kanta, ask your organisation's Kanta archivist for help. The archivist can check using the Archivist user interface

Check if the data is entered correctly:

  1. Check that all data has been entered in the client or patient information system in accordance with the instructions. 
  2. Correct or invalidate incorrect data in the system. Data that is corrected through the system is stored in Kanta, so it will also be visible to the user in MyKanta.

What should I do if I am unable to correct an error?

Ask for help if you cannot correct an error yourself, or if the information is not visible to the user in MyKanta despite the correction: 

  1. Contact your organisation's IT support or another party that can help resolve errors in your organisation. 
  2. If it is not possible to correct incorrect data, your organisation's Kanta archivist can invalidate the document from Kanta using the Archivist's user interface.
  3. If the reason for the incorrect display of data cannot be determined internally, it is advisable for the organisation to contact its information system provider. The system provider will assist in investigating the matter and, if necessary, report the issue to the Kanta Services.
Last updated 13.11.2023