Kanta provider

Kanta provider

A Kanta provider is a service enabler that an organisation joining Kanta uses in the implementation of the Kanta access point. Information about the roles and responsibilities of Kanta providers is gathered on this page.

In their role, Kanta providers may see unencrypted client data in health and social services, for example, in connection with maintenance tasks.  The responsibilities and roles of Kanta providers and the provider of the Kanta delivery service are described in the instruction THL 3/2015: Certification of the Kanta delivery service and Kanta providers (PDF, in Finnish).

Kanta providers are obliged to carry out self-monitoring. Further information about self-monitoring is available from

Provider data in the Provider Register

Information about the providers of the information system services, which are authorised to act as providers when joining the Kanta services, but which are not pharmacies or organisations in health or social services, is gathered in the THL Kanta provider register.   

The Kanta provider register does not act as a register for provider assignments or authorisations, but only information about an organisation acting as a Kanta provider is entered in the register.

Changes in the data of the Provider Register?

If there is a need to change the data of a Kanta provider in the Provider Register due to a corporate acquisition, merger or similar organisational change, the options to resolving the matter are dealt with together with the experts of the change organisations, Kela, THL and the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. Efforts are made to keep changes to the register as small as possible in order to safeguard uninterrupted and smooth operation of the Kanta Services in a change situation. Depending on the change situation, efforts are made to keep the OID code of the Kanta provider unchanged, but names, contact details and the business ID will be updated where applicable. 

The National Code Service will respond to any questions related to changes in the data in the Kanta provider register, email: koodistopalvelu(at)thl.fi.

Last updated 20.6.2022