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19.1.2023, Notice - Professionals

The launch of the wellbeing services counties brought about a change in the use of patient and client data – The My Kanta Pages serve citizens as before

When the sharing of patient and client data is smooth within the wellbeing services county, there are benefits not only for healthcare and social services professionals but also for citizens. The professionals will continue to be able to view and utilise the data in connection with the provision of treatment and services.

8.12.2022, Notice

The secondary use of Kanta data supports the effectiveness of treatment and facilitates the monitoring of services

The secondary use of Kanta data has expanded during 2022. The expanding secondary use of Kanta data in research and knowledge-based management benefits society as a whole. Kela is continually developing the Kanta data platform, through which national social welfare and health care data capital can easily be obtained for secondary use with a high level of data security.

8.12.2022, Notice - Professionals

Priorities for the Kanta Services confirmed for 2023

The Kanta Services will expand and become more versatile as citizens’ needs change and new laws enter into force. In 2023, development and deployment of the Kanta Services will focus on implementing the Client Data Act and the Kanta medication list. Development work is guided by the data needs created by the national health and social services reform as well as the secondary use of data content and knowledge management.

2.11.2022, Notice - Professionals

Universal reissue of Kanta information

When the wellbeing services counties start their operations on 1 January 2023, a client’s data can be utilised and used more extensively than before in connection with healthcare treatment or social welfare service. When the wellbeing services counties begin operations and a temporary right of access to data is applied in the Uusimaa region, all citizens will be issued with new information about the Kanta Services.

25.10.2022, Notice - Professionals

Assignors can now authorise trusted persons to use digital services on their behalf even if the assignor does not have online banking codes

With the help of e-Authorizations, you can give a trusted person permission to act on your behalf in MyKanta. Previously, e-Authorizations required the assignor to identify themselves using online banking codes, for example. The service is now also available to those who are not able to use electronic services themselves.

23.6.2022, Notice

EU Digital COVID Certificates will be issued until 30 June 2023

The EU has extended the regulation on the EU Digital COVID Certificate by one year until 30 June 2023. The regulation will ensure free movement in the EU even if the COVID-19 situation deteriorates in the future. All travellers should still check beforehand whether their country of destination requires the certificate upon arrival or for using services.