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21.2.2023, Notice - Professionals

Watch out for scams posing as the Kanta Services and My Kanta Pages!

There are a lot of scam messages in circulation at the moment as criminals try to access Finnish personal data. The Kanta Services will never contact users by email or text message to ask for their information. The only way to log in securely to the My Kanta Pages is to go to

9.2.2023, Notice - Professionals

Kanta Services provide information for the development of social welfare services

The secondary use of social welfare client data is now progressing in leaps and bounds. In the next few years, the wellbeing services counties will be able to utilise nationally comprehensive and up-to-date monitoring data on social welfare. Data on the time periods when clients had an active client relationship with social welfare and the services they were provided will be collected during 2023 on the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare’s social welfare monitoring register.

19.1.2023, Notice - Professionals

The launch of the wellbeing services counties brought about a change in the use of patient and client data – The My Kanta Pages serve citizens as before

When the sharing of patient and client data is smooth within the wellbeing services county, there are benefits not only for healthcare and social services professionals but also for citizens. The professionals will continue to be able to view and utilise the data in connection with the provision of treatment and services.