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23/06/2022, Notice

EU Digital COVID Certificates will be issued until 30 June 2023

The EU has extended the regulation on the EU Digital COVID Certificate by one year until 30 June 2023. The regulation will ensure free movement in the EU even if the COVID-19 situation deteriorates in the future. All travellers should still check beforehand whether their country of destination requires the certificate upon arrival or for using services.

31/03/2022, Notice

COVID-19 vaccination certificates for people aged under 18 no longer subject to time limit after primary vaccination series when used for travel

In future, EU COVID-19 vaccination certificates used for travel purposes will remain valid until further notice for those under the age of 18 who have completed the full primary vaccination series (usually two doses). COVID-19 vaccination certificates for adults expire when 270 days, i.e. about nine months, have passed from the last dose of the primary vaccination series. As of yet, no acceptance period applies to certificates issued following the administration of booster doses.

29/03/2022, Notice - Citizens

Phishing attacks using the My Kanta Pages name continue to target users’ online banking codes and personal information

Online messages and websites pretending to be associated with the My Kanta Pages still continue to appear, seeking to redirect users to fake websites. There have also been attempts made in Kela’s name to get at users’ online banking codes and personal information. To log in securely to the My Kanta Pages, users should go to The OmaKela e-service is available at

21/02/2022, Notice

The use of the Kanta Services continued to grow in 2021 – There were more than 42 million logins to the My Kanta Pages

With the help of the Kanta Services, patient and customer information flows smoothly between social welfare and healthcare providers, pharmacies and citizens. Last year, the introduction of the COVID-19 certificates contributed to the increased number of visitors to the My Kanta Pages. Although the use of digital services has increased during the coronavirus pandemic, the popularity of the My Kanta Pages also indicates that the service has become well-established as part of everyday life for citizens.

10/02/2022, Notice

Priorities for Kanta Services in 2022 established

The Kanta Services will be expanded and diversified in response to evolving customer needs and changes in legislation. The priority areas for 2022 are the My Kanta Pages, medication data and the implementation of social welfare functionalities. Further development of the services will address the information needs arising from the health and social services reform and the utilisation of data for knowledge management and secondary use purposes.

04/02/2022, Notice

Changes to entries on and validity of COVID-19 certificates

Changes were introduced to the rules for generating COVID-19 certificates as of 1 February 2022. These changes concern the certificate of recovery from COVID-19 and the COVID-19 vaccination certificate. The validity of the EU Digital COVID Certificate for travel has also changed.

27/01/2022, Notice - Professionals

More guardians can now see a child’s details in the My Kanta Pages – a joint custody agreement no longer prevents access to the My Kanta Pages

Guardians who have a joint custody agreement can now undertake act on behalf of their underage children in the My Kanta Pages. If there is another person with right of access to information about the child, they will be able to access the child’s details in the My Kanta Pages. Acting in circumstances where there is a non-disclosure for personal safety reasons in place has been made easier.

13/01/2022, Notice

The restrictions concerning the use of the COVID-19 passport continue

The restrictions concerning the use of the COVID-19 passport are continued to the end of January. The Government has amended the decree that restricts the use of the COVID-19 passport. The restrictions concerning the use of the COVID-19 passport are in force until 31 January 2022.