Pharmaceutical Database

Pharmaceutical Database

The Pharmaceutical Database is a service aimed at professionals, containing harmonised and up-to-date information about medicines and medicinal substances for the purpose of prescribing and dispensing medicines.

In addition to basic information about medicines, the database includes information about, e.g. the price and reimbursability of medicines and substitutable medicinal products.

In addition to prescription and self-medication products with a valid marketing authorisation, the Pharmaceutical Database includes information about temporary special permit products, reimbursable emollient creams and foods for special medical purposes. The Medicinal Products Database ( is based on information in the Pharmaceutical Database, and you can look up the information of individual products in the service. The Pharmaceutical Database does not include, e.g. special permit products, general merchandise (such as surgical dressings) or compounded medicines.

The information in the Pharmaceutical Database must be updated in the pharmacy and patient data systems on the 1st and 15th day of each month.

The information in the Pharmaceutical Database is compiled from various sources. The information about medicines is based on information in the basic register for medicinal products ( of the Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea. The Pharmaceuticals Pricing Board ( and Kela produce information related to, e.g. the reimbursability of medicines. Pharmaceutical companies notify the price information of medicines.

Information either from Kela or an intermediary

Organisations using the Prescription service can obtain information and updates from the Pharmaceutical Database either through an intermediary of their choice or directly from Kela. The organisations or the intermediaries of the Pharmaceutical Database shall agree with Kela on the acquisition of the Pharmaceutical Database. The intermediary must not charge its own customers a fee or other consideration for providing information from the Pharmaceutical Database.

Datasets identical in content with The Pharmaceutical Database may be available also from other sources which collect or otherwise acquire pharmaceutical information to be compiled and distributed further.

Purpose of use

The Pharmaceutical Database can be used for the prescribing, dispensing and reimbursing of medicines and for other related purposes by virtue of the act on electronic prescriptions. The Pharmaceutical Database can also be used for the services referred to in the Act on the Electronic Processing of Client Data in Social and Health Care Services and for purposes related to the supply of medicines for healthcare organisations. 

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Last updated 24.10.2023