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We are making a better Kanta: The operating system of the Patient Data Repository will be updated on 19 April at 7am–7pm

Maintenance notice Written on 05.04.2019 All maintenance notices

The operating system of the Patient Data Repository will be updated on Good Friday, 19 April.

We have chosen that day as, based on previous experience, the Kanta services are the least busy on that day.  That way we want to minimise any inconvenience to the customers.

Start time: 7am on 19 April
End time: 7pm on 19 April
Impact: Due to the update, there will be several interruptions of about 25 minutes to the service throughout the day. During any interruptions, it is not possible to use the Patient Data Repository, and citizens are not able to see their own health data in My Kanta Pages.

Instructions for healthcare services:
- The interruption to the service will have no impact on the use of electronic prescriptions. 
- During the interruptions, documents saved in the Patient Data Repository cannot be retrieved from the Kanta services.
- During the interruption, patient data will be recorded in the individual patient data systems as normal.
- Recording of patient data in the Kanta Patient Data Repository can be started during an interruption, but it must be noted that there will be a delay in the recording into Kanta due to the service interruption.
- Customers in the healthcare services must be informed that there may be a delay in viewing medical care data recorded in Kanta in My Kanta Pages on 19 April 2019.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the modification work.

Kela, Kanta Services

Further information:
Telephone: 020 634 7787