Materials bank

Materials bank

The Materials Bank contains all the materials produced by the Kanta Services.

Downloadable logos

In order to display the logo correctly, first save a copy of it on your computer by right-clicking on the link above and selecting ‘Save link as’ (or equivalent), then open the saved copy. If you need logos for publication use, you can request them at


The rest of the video material is only available in Finnish and in Swedish.

RSS feeds

You can order RSS feeds from the notices of Kanta Services. Subscription-based RSS feeds are available for all information notices or maintenance and fault notifications.

All information notices RSS feed

Maintenance and fault notifications RSS-feed

RSS is a way of transmitting material online. To use the RSS service, you need a separate RSS reader software or browser program that can utilise RSS. An RSS reader can be downloaded free of charge on the internet. The address of the desired RSS feed is entered in the reader.

Last updated 30.06.2020

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