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About Kanta Services

These pages contain information about different Kanta services and their benefits. On the pages, you can also find, e.g. statistics, a material bank, and the contact details for Kanta.

What are the Kanta Services?

Kanta produces digital services for the social welfare and healthcare sector. These services benefit the citizens as well as social welfare and healthcare service providers. Kanta Services are e.g. MyKanta, Prescription service and Patient Data Repository.

Benefits for everyone

With the Kanta Services, patient and client data is shared easily between social welfare and healthcare organisations, pharmacies and citizens. MyKanta is the citizen’s view to their own data.


Kanta monitors and compiles statistics on the use of services and the amount of data stored in them. The information is updated monthly. The data is collected from Kanta log data and registers.

Secondary use of Kanta data

Data in Kanta are refined into an easy-to-use format for the purposes of research, statistics and the needs of authorities. Kanta provides data content that can be used to develop more effective health and social services.

Material bank

The Materials Bank contains the materials produced by the Kanta Services: e.g. the downloadable logos and videos.

Contact details

Contact details for citizens. We assist users of the Kanta Services. Telephone: 020 634 4588. We are available Monday to Friday between 9 am and 4 pm. Email: