What are the Kanta Services?

What are the Kanta Services?

Kanta produces digital services for the social welfare and healthcare sector. These services benefit the citizens as well as social welfare and healthcare service providers. You can access the Kanta services wherever you live in Finland.

The users of the Kanta services include citizens, pharmacies, healthcare services and social welfare services. Service providers in both public and private health care are using the Kanta services. 

Kanta services form a unique service concept. The Kanta services are: 


  • As a citizen, you can view your health data and prescriptions in the online service. Social welfare data will also be gradually made available.

Prescription service

  • All prescriptions are issued electronically. Paper or telephone prescriptions can be issued only in exceptional cases. All prescriptions are issued and dispensed via the Kanta services. 

Pharmaceutical Database

  • A database that contains necessary information about medicines, their price and reimbursement status in terms of issuing and dispensing, and about interchangeable medicines. Information about individual products can be looked up in the Medicinal Products Database.

Patient Data Repository

  • A healthcare data system used with the patient data system. It allows centralised archiving of electronic patient data, as well as active use and storage of the data. The Patient Data Repository plays a key role in sharing information between healthcare service providers.

Archiving of old patient data 

  • The Patient Data Repository has a permit for electronic retention of records issued by the National Archives Service of Finland, and the permit also applies to the archiving of old data. After successful recording, old data may be removed from the source system and stored only in electronic format in the Patient Data Repository.

Client Data Repository for Social Welfare Services

  • An information system for social welfare services, used with the client data system. It allows centralised archiving of electronic client data in social welfare services and the active use and storage of data.  The first social welfare service providers have started using the archive in spring 2018. 

Sharing of medical certificates

  • In the Kanta service, certificates and reports issued by healthcare professionals can be forwarded electronically to Kela for benefit processing.


  • A doctor or dentist can issue a prescription in the online service on the basis of their professional practice rights. 

Kanta client test service 

  • The Kanta client test service is meant for the suppliers of information systems to be connected to Kanta and for the organisations and pharmacies acting as their client testers.

It is safe to use the Kanta services

In the Kanta services, your records are processed in a reliable and safe manner. The data is extremely well protected and therefore no outsiders can view your records.

Kanta Services promote the continuity and safety of services

The Kanta Services help to keep your data up to date and available to professionals. You can benefit from Kanta even if you do not use digital services yourself. Social welfare and healthcare services can provide better care if information flows smoothly.

Social welfare and healthcare services will also become even more transparent as you can check your data in MyKanta.

Kanta services are developed in stages

Basic Kanta services have been deployed in stages since 2010. Since early 2017, all prescriptions have been issued electronically in the Kanta service. 

Social welfare and healthcare service providers join as a client of the Kanta services in order to access the services and to be able to offer them to their own patients and clients. 

The Kanta services will expand and become more versatile in compliance with the clients’ needs and the development of legislation.   The services are developed in cooperation with the users

Last updated 28.5.2024

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