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Katso ID for Kanta joint testing login

Please make sure that your organization has Katso ID for every user participating in joint testing.

The extranet-workspaces used in Kanta joint testing (SharePoint-workspaces and will be migrated to a new platform. The new workspace goes by the name Kumppanit-site (Partners-site). With the new platform comes a new certificate. Kumppanit-site login requires Katso ID from every user participating in joint testing.

This change affects only ongoing and oncoming joint testing in the SharePoint-workspaces but has no effect on testing in the Kanta client test environment nor the usage of Kanta account administration site Kanta extranet.

The start of migration to a new platform is scheduled to the first months of 2018 and each system supplier’s workspace migration is scheduled separately with the system supplier. After the migration is finished, the old workspace is set to “read only” and joint testing continues in the Kumppanit-workspace.


Actions needed for the migration

Please make sure that your organization has Katso ID for every user participating in joint testing in order for joint testing to continue without interruptions. Can you please also inform us of you schedule about acquiring Katso ID?

Organization’s Katso ID with Master User status can be used to set up Katso Sub-IDs. A role “Sinetti extranet –työtilojen käyttäjä” must be added for a Katso Sub-ID (only Master User can add this role). Afterwards Katso Sub-ID can be upgraded to Katso ID.


Can you please send us the following information:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Name of the organization
  • OID of the organization


The Kumppanit-site

Joint testing workspaces consist of patient records archive, prescription and client data archive for social welfare services. Workspaces can be accessed through following links.


For further information, please contact: