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My Kanta Pages: user numbers per municipality

The statistics on My Kanta Pages user numbers per municipality have been published. The figures show the various user numbers in 2017. Local authorities can utilise the figures in their own statistics.  

My Kanta Pages is an online service for citizens, where they can view their medical records and prescriptions. My Kanta Pages also allows you to request the renewal of a prescription and register your living will or organ donation testament. Parents and guardians also have access to the records of children under 10 in My Kanta Pages. You log into My Kanta Pages at using online bank log-in IDs, a mobile certificate or a digital ID card.

My Kanta Pages was accessed 13 million times last year

There has been a substantial increase in the usage of My Kanta Pages. In 2017, the service was accessed more than 13 million times, which is 42% more than the year before. The number of persons logging in was 1.85 million.

My Kanta Pages received 2.3 million requests for prescription renewals during the year. This accounts for 21% of all prescription renewal requests.

The number of people visiting My Kanta Pages has grown steadily. My Kanta Pages has been accessed by 2.4 million people.

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