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Kela to deliver nationwide information management services for pilots trialling clients’ freedom of choice

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Clients’ greater freedom to choose their provider of health and social services will be trialled in a series of pilot projects which to be launched later this year. Kela is building a number of service portals needed for the pilots. In addition, Kela will coordinate reimbursements to the health and social services centres and transmit payments from service organisers in the pilot regions to individual service providers.

On 15th May 2018, the Finnish Ministry of Health and Social Services announced the regions selected to participate in the pilots trialling the clients’ freedom of choice. The pilots will focus on the key elements of the freedom of choice, which are the freedom to choose one’s health and social services centre and oral care provider, client vouchers and personal budgets. The pilots are designed to gather experiences for use in implementing the freedom of choice across Finland.

Kela is building information management services enabling the freedom of choice in multiple stages

The first of the services to be built by Kela will allow users to choose their health and social services centre.

According to project manager Hanna Varis, the system will expand to cover oral healthcare once the pilot model has been finalised. Existing voucher management systems will be used in the projects focusing on personal budgets and client vouchers.

As the pilot projects get underway, Kela will open a service portal for providers of health and social services which will allow them to register and to manage their own data. Service organisers will have their own portal for managing contracts with service providers. Users sign in is via the website.

Clients choose their health and social services centre via My Kanta

Clients will be able to choose their preferred health and social services centre from amongst approved regional providers. The selection is made via the My Kanta service.

The choice of provider can also be made on the client’s behalf by a service organiser/provider, and clients can look up information about their choice on the My Kanta service. 

Exchange of information guarantees freedom of choice

Among the systems that Kela will build in the pilot stage (2018–2020) is a service used to monitor the provision of services, which will enable communication between public and private organisations and ensure continuity of care.

According to Hanna Varis, the monitoring system can also be used to collect comparable data on the use of health and social services, making it easier to evaluate the efficiency of the services on a continuous basis.

For more information:

Hanna Varis, Project Manager,, tel. 050 328 4882

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