Notification of system changes

Notification of system changes

The system supplier must report any changes made to the information system connected to Kanta Services to Kela and the data security assessment body. It is not necessary to report all changes made to the information system, only those that concern the functionalities of the Prescription service, the Patient Data Repository, the Patient data management service or the Client data archive for social welfare services, or changes made to the interface. Changes to the wellbeing applications integrated into the Personal Health Record must also be reported to the Kanta Services.

The notice of change is made on a form, which is delivered to Kela and the data security assessment body as early as possible, already in the planning stage.

When planning the changes, the system supplier must take into account any impacts on interoperability between the information systems related to Kanta Services. In addition, it must be assessed whether the changes have such impacts on interoperability which necessitate joint testing coordinated by Kela or whether it is sufficient for the system supplier to carry out independent testing in the Kanta client test environment. Changes to the Kanta Services in accordance with legislation and national change management will be tested in joint testing coordinated by Kela also in the future.

The notice form will be processed as swiftly as possible. In case of an urgent correction that does not require joint testing, the correction can be made in production before receiving a reply message. If joint testing coordinated by Kela is required in order to test the changes, the notice of change must be delivered at least one month before the intended testing in order to allow Kela to carry out the necessary planning for the joint testing. It must also be noted that no joint testing is carried out in July.

The notice of change form is sent to

Last updated 13.4.2022