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In joint testing, the client and patient data systems are tested against each other and against the Kanta Services. This will ensure that the systems are interoperable when they are migrated to the production environment.

Joint testing

Joint testing is quality assurance work at the national level, which contributes to ensuring safe use of client and patient data systems via the Kanta Services. Here you will find an extensive information package about joint testing.

Registering for joint testing

When all is ready for starting joint testing, the registration forms are available here.

In support of testing

The Kanta Services provides services in support of joint testing for information system suppliers and client organisations in the social welfare and healthcare services. Information about our support services is available here.

Test etiquette

Information about the etiquette of the Kanta client test service is available here.

Situation of joint testing

Information about ongoing and approved joint tests for various information system suppliers with respect to different services is available here.

From testing to production

Information about joint testing and deployment testing.