In support of testing

In support of testing

The Kanta Services provides different kind of support for information system suppliers and their client organisations during independent and joint testing.

The Kanta Services can provide a reasonable amount of test material for the client’s use on request. The delivery time of the test material is about two weeks. The test material provided by the Kanta Services includes, e.g. medicine dispensations, renewal requests and patient care documents in imaging. Further information about the test material is available on the Test material page. In addition to the organisation carrying out testing in the client test service, it is also possible to utilise the MyKanta test service and the validation service in support of testing.

Kela does not take a position on the information system interfaces and it does not provide support for the system supplier in matters of substance. During independent and joint testing, information system suppliers must have at their disposal expert support from within their own organisation or from that of their client, for example, in matters concerning pharmacy and drug treatment.

Last updated 6.9.2023

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