Registering for joint testing

Registering for joint testing

Cases of use according to the requirements of joint testing and the purpose of use of the patient information system must have been implemented and tested in the supplier’s own testing. The preliminary tests of the registration form must have been reported to the Kanta Services when registering for joint testing.

Before registering for joint testing, please become familiar with the joint testing process and the parties and responsibilities.

When registering for joint testing, the information system vendor must submit the registration form, THL’s system form (5/2021: attachment 4,, in Finnish only) ​​​​​​and, if necessary, the logical architecture description at least two months before the start of the planned joint testing to

If a suitable registration form is missing, please contact Kela’s joint testing ( 

In addition to joint testing according to the publication schedule (in Finnish only), Kela organises joint testing aiming for the first certification for the systems that have not yet taken part in joint testing. Find out about the joint testing process for a new system to be certified.

Joint testing for the Prescription service

Joint testing of the Patient Data Repository 

Registration for the following joint testings can be made by sending e-mail to the address (no separate registration form):

  • Verification of changes to medical imaging documents in the Archive of Imaging Data 
  • Printing of COVID Certificates in the healthcare system
  • Oral healthcare: Stage 2.

Joint testing for the Client data archive for social welfare services

Client data systems can be certified with a phase 2 profile until 31 December 2023. Please note that on 1 September 2024, the system must meet the requirements for the obligation to join, joint testing must be completed, and a Valvira notification must be submitted no later than August 2024.

Joint testing of the Archive of imaging data

Joint testing of the Kanta PHR application

Joint testing of Kanta PHR means the verification of internal testing of the application and ensuring its functioning against the client test environment of the Kanta Services. Further information is available on the Integrating an application with Kanta PHR page

The client joins the client test environment in Kanta PHR at the same time as it registers for joint testing.

Workspace for joint testing

The workspace for joint testing of the Kanta Services is called the Partners site. Logging in to the site requires a user ID, which every person taking part in joint testing must have.

The workspace for joint testing has been divided into the entities of the Archive of imaging data, Patient Data Repository, Prescription and the client data archive for social welfare services. Logging in to the workspace takes place through the following links:

Links to the Kumppanit workspaces will direct users to the workspace login page where they will be prompted for their email address and password. After a successful login, users are redirected to the workspace. Users of the Kumppanit workspace receive a new password by email once every four months.

Additional information:

How to request a new user ID

Kela will create new user IDs as needed. Users requesting a new user ID must provide the following information:

  • e-mail address
  • mobile phone number
  • given name
  • family name
  • name of organisation
  • language

Users are requested to send the information to The request must also indicate the specific joint testing for which the user ID will be used.

Last updated 13.10.2023