Contents of joint testing

Contents of joint testing

Different phases of joint testing of the Kanta services and the number of test cases vary depending on the contents to be joint tested. The contents and extent of joint testing are presented on this page.

Joint testing is carried out on contents in accordance with the publication schedule (pdf, in Finnish only), in which case the timetable of joint testing complies with the timetable presented in the publication schedule. The joint testing need may also arise from system changes carried out by the information system supplier or Kela. In that case, the timetable of joint testing is agreed separately.

The Archive of Imaging Data

In the first phase of the archive of imaging data, it is possible to carry out joint testing on the radiology contents. Joint testing of the first phase can be carried out with periods in accordance with the publication schedule.

In the second phase, it is possible to carry out joint testing on the extensions of information contents, which include

  • ECG
  • visible light images (fundus images as a pilot)
  • oral healthcare imaging.

Patient Data Repository

Information contents of the first phase in accordance with the stagewise decree:

  • archiving in primary and secondary health care
    • diagnoses
    • risks
    • procedures
    • vaccination
    • physiological measurements
  • consent management and searches
  • imaging
  • laboratory.

Information contents of the second phase:

  • archiving in oral healthcare
  • Kela’s medical certificates
  • certificates in accordance with the Mental Health Act
  • outsourced service authorisation
  • referral and epicrisis
  • health and care plan.

It is also possible to carry out joint testing on information contents not included in the stagewise decree. These contents include optometry and medical certificate on fitness to drive. 

In the document ‘Joint testing of the contents of the Patient Data Repository’, are described the contents of the Patient Data Repository that are to be jointly tested, the scope of the testing and the testing stages. The document also describes the dependencies between the different kinds of contents and provides tips on how to facilitate the creation of contents for the Patient Data Repository as well as the planning of joint testing of them. The test cases cover a range of basic test sets for each content. Before the joint testing is started, Kela will in cooperation with the system supplier identify the user profile(s) needed for the joint testing of the patient data system and other data necessary for the testing. This ensures that the test content is comprehensive and focuses on the right aspects.


With respect to the Prescription service, it is possible to carry out joint testing on the implementation in accordance with the latest definition version (in Finnish only).

Testing can be carried out with two different profiles:

  • the pharmacy system
  • the patient data system.

Archive for social welfare services

In the first phase, it is possible to carry out joint testing on the following contents:

  • client document management and archiving in non-structured form
  • case management and client account management.

The contents of joint testing is determined according to the joining profile used. Joining profiles in the archive of social welfare services include:

  • recording system
  • joining system
  • viewing system
  • application or service providing the data / migration profile.

Joint testing in the second phase will be started in 2020 in accordance with the publication schedule. The following contents will be tested in the second-phase joint testing:

  • professional’s signature
  • client record entries in a structured form
  • shared matter
  • enriched document compilation
  • II phase documents (client account document, topic document, first client documents)
  • display of data in My Kanta Pages.

Last updated 08.07.2019