Vaccinations in MyKanta

Vaccinations in MyKanta

In addition to your other health information, you will also be able to see your vaccination data in MyKanta.

Health care services have been able to record vaccination data in the Kanta Services from 2013 at the earliest. For this reason, not all of your old vaccination data will be visible in MyKanta.

In the ‘Rokotukset’ (Vaccinations) section, information can be shown in two different ways: by visit date or as a summary of immunisation.

How to find your vaccination data in MyKanta:

Log in to MyKanta at You can identify yourself using online banking codes, for instance.

Go to the ‘Terveystiedot’ (Health information) section in the menu.

Select the ‘Rokotustiedot’ (Vaccination data) section.

Log in to MyKanta

Some of the data for vaccinations you have received may also be recorded in the texts entered during your appointments. You can search for this information using the topic search available under the section ‘Terveystiedot’ (Health information) in MyKanta.

If there is an error in the vaccination data shown in MyKanta

If you notice an error or omission in your information, please contact the social welfare or health care unit you attended. Social welfare and health care services are responsible for recording and correcting data. For this reason, incorrect information shown in MyKanta cannot be rectified or updated by Kanta Services.

Frequently asked questions about vaccination data

MyKanta will only be able to show vaccination data that has been recorded after the health care service provider deployed the Kanta Services and started recording information in Kanta. As a result, not all vaccination data are visible in MyKanta.

You can enquire about vaccination data at the unit where you were vaccinated, such as your local health centre, occupational health clinic, or the military services. Vaccination data can also be found on your maternity and child health clinic card or vaccination card.

The Vaccinations section in MyKanta shows the vaccination data recorded in Kanta using the new method. Only a few health care organisations have access to a patient information system that enables the new method of record-keeping. The ‘Rokotukset’ (Vaccinations) section in MyKanta will show more vaccination data as more health care service providers store the information using the new method.

How to download a COVID-19 certificate from MyKanta

  1. Log in to MyKanta at You can identify yourself using your online banking credentials or similar.
  2. Select ‘Koronatodistus’ (COVID-19 certificate) from the menu.
  3. Open the COVID-19 certificate by clicking on the PDF link. If you have a certificate, it will open in a new tab.
  4. Save the PDF file on your phone or other device, or take a screenshot of it. This will ensure that you will always have the certificate ready when you need it. You can also print the certificate on paper.

Learn more about COVID-19 certificate.

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Last updated 23.7.2024