Acting on behalf of someone else

Acting on behalf of someone else

You can act on behalf of another person in MyKanta or when visiting health care services or a pharmacy. You can also mandate another person to act on your behalf.

There are different ways of acting on another person’s behalf. The matters that you can handle and the way in which you can handle them depends on your role.

Acting in matters related to prescriptions

If someone else collects your prescriptions from the pharmacy on your behalf, they must show your patient instruction sheet of the prescription or your Kela card. When using a Kela card, the person acting on behalf of someone else must know which medicines they are collecting. It is also possible to give an e-authorisation in the online service to the person who is collecting the prescription medicines. When using the mandate, the person collecting the prescription medicines must know your personal identity code.

In order to handle other matters relating to prescriptions at pharmacies, you will need an electronic authorisation to use pharmacy services via the online service or a completed and signed prescription authorisation form. Written authorisation forms are available from pharmacies, health care services and Kela’s service points.

With the mandate, another person can act on your behalf in pharmacies and

  • request a summary of your medicines
  • check on the medications used
  • ask for an electronic prescription to be cancelled when you no longer need the medicine
  • order a repeat electronic prescription.

In health care services, prescription matters can only be handled on another person’s behalf if you have a completed and signed prescription authorisation form. Pharmacies and health care service units provide advice on the use of authorisation forms. The health care unit will always verify the identity of persons acting on behalf of others, as well as their right to represent them.


Need help in managing your affairs?

You can give your written authorisation, for example, to a home care assistant or service housing employee. After that, they can take care of your prescriptions.

Acting on behalf of a minor

Acting on behalf of a minor means that a guardian or another person who has the right to receive information about a child’s affairs can use MyKanta on behalf of all their children under the age of 18. Social welfare data and health care data are shown differently. Read more about acting on behalf of a minor.

Acting on behalf of an adult

An adult may  act on behalf of another adult in MyKanta, provided that they have been granted a mandate. Access is based on e-authorisation with authorisations ( Read more about acting on behalf of an adult.

Last updated 31.12.2023

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