Fault situations

Fault situations

Occasionally, there may be disruption to the Kanta services that prevents the use of some or all of the services. You do not need to contact us in such cases.

Disruption, planned maintenance and updates are announced on the kanta.fi website. The website updates will explain which service(s) will be affected by planned work, and whether the work will cause an outage.

Healthcare units, social services units and pharmacies have procedures in place for exceptional situations.

Read below for instructions on what to do.

Attending a doctor’s appointment

If you are visiting a healthcare unit for an appointment while there are problems with the Kanta Services, you do not need to worry. Healthcare professionals will follow their instructions for the situation.

Visiting a pharmacy

If you still have some medicine left and you do not need to collect your medicine at that exact time, we recommend that you come back later. If you need the medicine immediately, the pharmacy has instructions on what to do in the event of disruption.

If you visit a pharmacy during disruption to the prescription service, you should primarily bring with you the patient instructions given to you by your doctor.

You can also bring a summary of your prescriptions with you. You can print out a summary of your prescriptions in the MyKanta service.

If you do not have a patient instruction leaflet or a summary of your prescriptions to hand, please bring a previous package of your medicine, including the dosage label.

If possible, please try to collect your medicine from your usual pharmacy, as they will have access to information on your previous purchases. Bring your Kela card with you as well.

Using MyKanta

What to do if the following MyKanta functions are not working:

Logging in to MyKanta

The MyKanta service uses Suomi.fi identification when the user logs in.

If you are unable to log in due to disruption, please try again later.

If the problem occurs during authentication, the fault may also be with the Suomi.fi service.

Creating a COVID certificate

In the event of disruption, please try to apply for the certificate again in a few moments.

If you are unable to create a EU Digital COVID Certificate in MyKanta and you need the certificate urgently, please contact healthcare services and ask them for a certificate.

Viewing prescription, health and client data

MyKanta displays prescriptions, patient data and social services client data that are stored in Kanta.

When the Kanta Services are under maintenance, it may be the case that not all data are available in MyKanta at that time. A notification will be posted in the event of exceptional circumstances.

If health information, such as laboratory test results, cannot be viewed in MyKanta, you can request the information from the healthcare unit you have visited.

If you cannot access your prescription information, you can request a printed summary of your prescriptions from a pharmacy or healthcare provider.

If your social services client data are not accessible in MyKanta, please contact the social services unit you visited. Social welfare client data will gradually be accessible in MyKanta over the next few years.

Submitting a prescription renewal request

If you are unable to submit a prescription renewal request in MyKanta, you can request a renewal at a pharmacy or directly from a healthcare unit.

The ‘Control of data use’ and ‘Expressions of will’ sections

If you are not able to acknowledge the Kanta information and save your consent or denial of consent to data sharing in MyKanta, you can do this when you visit a healthcare unit.

Last updated 8.5.2023