Fault situations

Fault situations

The Kanta Services are serviced and updated regularly. At such times, there may be a break in the services. The services may also suffer a fault preventing the use of some or all the services. Such situations require no action by citizens.

The dates and times of servicing and updates are notified on the News pages. The notice tells you which service will be affected by the work and whether or not it will cause a service break.

Healthcare units and pharmacies have operating instructions in case of exceptional situations. They ensure that patient care and medication continue to function, even if the Kanta Services are exceptionally unavailable.

Visiting the doctor

If you visit a healthcare unit at a time when there are problems with the electronic prescription service, you need not worry.  The health service will act in accordance with the instructions provided for such eventualities.

Visiting the pharmacy

If you visit a pharmacy when there are problems with the electronic prescription service, take with you the patient instruction sheet for the medicine you want to collect.

If obtaining the medicine is crucial during the break, the pharmacy has instructions for such a situation. If collecting the medicine is not essential at that very moment, we recommend putting it off, perhaps to the next day.

Using My Kanta Pages

Instructions in case of a disruption in the following services:

Logging in to My Kanta Pages

  • You log in to My Kanta Pages using an electronic ID card, bank IDs, or a mobile certificate. If the login service is temporarily unavailable due to an update or similar, you cannot log in to My Kanta Pages. Please try again later.

Creation of a COVID-19 certificate

  • If the service is temporarily unavailable, please try searching for the certificate again after a while.

    If the EU Digital COVID Certificate is not created in My Kanta Pages and you need the certificate urgently, please contact the healthcare service and request a certificate. Many public healthcare providers are already able to print out a paper copy of the EU Digital COVID Certificate. If a healthcare unit cannot yet provide a paper copy of the EU Digital COVID Certificate, they can provide you with another certificate that contains the same information.

    Also read frequently asked questions about the COVID certificate.

Browsing prescription information and medical records

  • My Kanta Pages show the information that has been entered in other Kanta Services (the Prescription Centre and the Patient Data Repository). When the other services are under maintenance, it is possible that some information cannot be accessed in My Kanta Pages just at that moment. A notice is issued in exceptional situations.
  • The information is not shown in My Kanta Pages if the healthcare unit has not saved it yet in the Kanta Services.
  • If health information, e.g. results of laboratory tests, cannot be viewed in My Kanta Pages, you can ask for the information from the healthcare unit you visited.
  • If the prescription information cannot be viewed, you can ask for a summary printout of prescriptions from the pharmacy or healthcare unit.

Submitting a prescription renewal request

  • If you cannot submit a prescription renewal request in My Kanta Pages, you can ask for a renewal in the pharmacy or directly in the healthcare unit.

Wellbeing data in My Kanta Pages PHR

  • My Kanta Pages show the wellbeing data that users store with an approved wellbeing application. User-stored data may not be updated immediately to the Wellbeing section of the My Kanta Pages, but could be subject to some delay depending on the application.

Consents and Refusals section and Expressions of patient's wishes (organ donation testament and living will)

  • The service uses the population register system when a user logs in. If the information is not available in the system just at that moment, some of the functions of My Kanta Pages cannot be used (e.g. entering of consents and refusals).
  • If you are unable to acknowledge information or save consents or refusals in My Kanta Pages, you can do them in the healthcare unit.
Last updated 18.08.2021