How do I check where my records have been handled?

How do I check where my records have been handled?

You can see in My Kanta Pages which healthcare units or pharmacies have handled your prescription or health records through Kanta Services.

How to check in My Kanta Pages where your records have been handled:

  1. Log into My Kanta Pages.
  2. Open the prescription details by clicking the issue date of the prescription. See under 'Tietojen luovutukset' where your prescription details have been handled.
  3. Under 'Terveystiedot', you will see the parties to which your health records have been disclosed.

In the case of prescriptions, the handler of the details is the issuer of the prescription, or at the pharmacy the pharmacist who has dispensed the drug at your request. 

Usual handlers of medical records include the health centre, occupational health service, or the laboratory of a private medical centre.

The names of the persons who have handled the details are not shown in My Kanta Pages due to the privacy protection of healthcare professionals. 

If you wish to verify the processing of your data at a more detailed level, you can submit the data request to the organisation that has handled your data.

What do the disclosure markings in My Kanta Pages mean?

The entries under 'Terveystietojen luovutukset' in My Kanta Pages are created by disclosures made

  • either through Kanta Services or
  • outside them.

Viewing records through Kanta Services

If a healthcare service provider, for example the occupational health service, views treatment records entered by another service provider, such as the public health service, through Kanta Services, the viewing leaves a log entry visible to you in My Kanta Pages. In such an entry, the party shown as recipient of the records is the healthcare service provider that viewed the records. Below the recipient is a link to the treatment visit, the record of which was opened. 

Disclosure of details outside Kanta Services

Outside Kanta Services, records that may be disclosed include e.g.

  • old treatment records not accessible through Kanta Services, or 
  • medical certificates and reports for parties that require them.

If a healthcare service provider discloses details outside Kanta Services direct (e.g. by post), it must issue a declaration of disclosure. The information recorded in the declaration of disclosure is saved in Kanta Services and visible to you in the disclosure log data in My Kanta Pages.

In disclosures made outside Kanta Services, the disclosure log entry in My Kanta Pages shows as recipient the party that has received the disclosed details. Below this information, you can see which details were disclosed and by which service provider. For external disclosures, no links are shown in the markings in My Kanta Pages.

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Last updated 17.11.2021