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Data usage and security


Data protection and security

Kanta-palvelut noudattaa kaikessa toiminnassaan huolellisuutta ja varmistaa, että tietosuoja ja tietoturvallisuus toteutuvat. Henkilötietojen käsittely perustuu Kelan lakisääteisten velvoitteiden noudattamiseen.


Who can see my data?

Your prescription and health data can only be used when you are a client of a service or healthcare provider, such as when you see a doctor or collect medicines from a pharmacy.


Consent and refusals

If you consent to your medical records being used, your details entered in the Patient Data Repository are available for use in your treatment between different service providers in the health service. Consents are patients' means of influencing how their information is used, giving permission to another person or party to act on their behalf or to view their medical records.


Patient rights

Patient rights in Kanta Services.