How will my data stored in the Kanta Services be used?

How will my data stored in the Kanta Services be used?

This page provides information about data to be entered in the Kanta Services and how it can be used in the healthcare and social welfare services and in pharmacies. It also explains how you can have a say in the sharing of your data.

There will be changes to the use of data stored in the Kanta Services from 1 January 2023. This page will be updated by the end of 2022.

Healthcare and social welfare professionals can offer you the best possible care and service when they can access sufficient and up-to-date information about you. For this reason, your data is saved in the Kanta Services. Kanta is used by public and private healthcare providers, social services, and pharmacies. They are obliged by law to use the Kanta Services.

The Kanta Services enable movement of your data between professionals attending to your care. Kanta is beneficial to you even if you don't use information technology yourself.

Information about the Kanta Services

When you visit the healthcare service, social services or My Kanta Pages for the first time, you will be informed about the operating principles of the Kanta Services and the use of data recorded in Kanta. You will also receive information on how to have a say in the processing of the data. Previously, the information was given with respect to each service, but as from 1 November 2021 the information is given only once, covering all Kanta Services. After receiving the information you can, for example, give your consent to data sharing or issue denials of consent to data sharing.

In order to use My Kanta Pages, users who are 18 or over or acting on behalf of another person are required to acknowledge receipt of the Kanta information.   Persons under 18 and authorised persons can access My Kanta Pages even if the new Kanta information has not been acknowledged as received.

You can also read the information texts on the My Kanta Pages in PDF format. Please note that the My Kanta Pages are only available in Finnish and Swedish.

Which data is saved in Kanta?

The data in the Kanta Services consists of

Your living will and organ donation testament, as well as consents to data sharing, consents and denials of consent to data sharing are also saved in Kanta.

Read more about various Kanta services.

My Kanta Pages is a window for viewing your data entered in Kanta
Professionals utilise the Kanta Services via the information systems they are using, while you can browse your data entered in the Kanta Services with My Kanta Pages.

Prescription and health data entered in Kanta is stored for a period defined in legislation. The data is not deleted at the client’s request, but it is destroyed after the storage period has expired. 

The use and sharing of data are monitored

With the Kanta Services, your data is handled and stored in a reliable and secure way. The data is protected so that no outsiders can view your records. The data is processed by pharmacies and healthcare and social welfare professionals. Viewing of the data in the Kanta Services always requires a client or care relationship with you.

Healthcare and social welfare service providers, pharmacies and Kela monitor the implementation of data protection and the legality of data processing for their own part. To enable this, the operators maintain logs on the use and sharing of data.

You can have a say in the sharing of your data from the Kanta Services

You can decide yourself which of your data in the Kanta Services can be shared with other professionals. You can manage the use of your own data by issuing a consent to data sharing, consent or by setting up denials of consents to data sharing 

  • in My Kanta Pages, or
  • when visiting the healthcare service.

However, your data recorded in the Kanta Services is always accessible by the healthcare and social welfare service provider who has entered it there. Healthcare professionals attending to your care can also use your prescription data and data that has been recorded of you in the regional patient register without your specific consent. Other healthcare professionals attending to your care may also use your medical records entered in the Kanta Services if you have given your consent to sharing it. Further information about the consent to data sharing.

You also have the right to deny consent to sharing your data so that it can only be viewed by the service provider who has recorded it. You can limit the use of your data, for example, by denying the consent to sharing the data concerning a certain prescription, appointment or treatment period. Further information about denials of consent to data sharing.

Your data is also entered in the Kanta Services when you visit the social welfare services. Until further notice, this data can only be viewed where it has been recorded. At a later date, the Kanta Services will also introduce an option of consenting to the viewing of this data by other professionals in social services you are dealing with. This consent to sharing data in the social welfare services is separate from the consent to sharing healthcare data.

In My Kanta Pages, you can see the data that has been recorded of you in the Kanta Services. You can also see where your patient data has been shared or where your prescription data has been processed via the Kanta Services. You can also request the controller for information about who has handled and viewed your personal information.

Kanta Services are constantly expanding

The Kanta Services will expand and become more diverse in compliance with the clients’ needs and the development of legislation.  The services are developed in cooperation with the users.

Last updated 20.09.2022