What information about me has been entered?

What information about me has been entered?

You have the right to know what information about you has been recorded in the Kanta Services. You also have the right to see the log data concerning the processing of the data in question. You can request the data from the controller of the data.

You can request the information about you entered in Kanta Services or the log data concerning handling of such information from the data controller of the information in question. The function of data controller for each Kanta Service and the information entered in this service is defined in the legislation.

Which log data can I get from Kela?

Kela is the data controller of Prescription Centre and Data Management Service. You can ask Kela to provide the log data concerning the handling of information entered in them.

Prescription Centre holds entries of

  • prescription details
  • dispensing details of the prescriptions.

Data Management Service holds entries of valid information on 

  • information sent to you
  • your consents
  • your refusals 
  • statement of your wishes. 

Kela is also the data controller of login log data in My Kanta Pages. You can request My Kanta Pages login log data from Kela.

Which log data do I request from the healthcare service provider?

The healthcare service provider is the data controller of patients' medical records. Medical records consist of all information recorded about you in the health service. 

You can request medical records and log data concerning their handling from the healthcare service provider that has entered the information.

Kanta Services are not authorised to disclose medical records.

Information requests to Kanta Services

You can view your information entered in Kanta Services in My Kanta Pages. It shows where your records have been handled.

You can also obtain the details by submitting an information request. Information requests include inspection requests and log data requests. 

Inspection request

An inspection request allows you to check what information about you has been entered. If you wish, you can ask for information for a specified period only. 

An inspection request may be submitted on

  • your prescription details 
  • information you have received
  • consents, refusals and statements of wishes you have given.

Log data request

A log data request allows you to check

  • which of your information has been viewed
  • who has viewed it
  • where it was viewed
  • your My Kanta Pages login details.

Log data are usually disclosed for the past two years, or for a shorter period by request. Log data for a period longer than the past two years can only be provided for a special reason. An example of a special reason is a specific, strong suspicion of inappropriate handling of the information in a healthcare unit or pharmacy. This is always assessed at Kanta Services individually for each case.

How to submit an inspection or log data request 

You can submit an inspection or log data request on the official form or free-form.

The forms are available from the health service, pharmacies or Kela offices.

A free-form request for information must include

  • your personal ID code
  • your name and contact details
  • details of which information you require and for what period.

The request is submitted to Kela

Please note that if you submit your request by email, we recommend that you use the secure email.

You will receive a reply to your request within a month of receipt. If the report cannot be supplied within this period, processing of the information request may be extended by no more than two months.

The report is sent as a registered letter and may be collected from a post office subject to proof of identity.

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Last updated 16.06.2021