Minor’s rights

Minor’s rights

Healthcare service

Rights concerning electronic prescriptions

The healthcare unit makes an assessment of whether or not minors are capable of deciding on their own treatment.  If the healthcare personnel so assesses, minors have the same rights as adults and can give their consent 

  • printing a summary
  • checking their overall medication regimen
  • cancelling a prescription
  • renewing a prescription and providing a mobile phone number for notifications by text message. 

Rights concerning patient data

  • A minor who is capable of making decisions about their treatment can consent to the disclosure of their patient data for their treatment and refuse the disclosure of information concerning themselves.
  • If a minor is not capable to make decisions about his or her treatment, the carer will make the consent.
  • The carer or other person who is responsible for the minor's treatment cannot refuse disclosure of health information to the health care unit that is treating the minor.

At the pharmacy

Persons under 18 can themselves collect medicines issued on an electronic prescription from the pharmacy.

A 15-year-old can renew an electronic prescription at the pharmacy and give consents related to electronic prescriptions there. Consents for younger patients are always given by the parent or carer.

A minor can act as another person's representative and, for example, collect medicines on their behalf. 

However, they cannot be granted permission by consent

  • to request a summary of medication,
  • to check the medication of the person on whose behalf they are acting
  • to request to cancel a medicine, or
  • to request a repeat prescription.

Persons under 18 cannot yet collect medicines on an electronic prescription from pharmacies in other European countries, because there is no provision for minors to give the required consent on My Kanta.

In My Kanta Pages

In My Kanta Pages, a minor can

  • view electronic prescriptions and health records that have been recorded in the Kanta Services since 1 August 2016
  • request a repeat prescription.

A minor cannot acknowledge receipt of information, give a consent or refusal, or draw up an organ donation testament or living will.

A minor has the right to decide whether to show their information to their parents or other guardians if the minor has been assessed by a healthcare unit to be mature enough to decide on their own treatment. In such a case, the healthcare unit can deny parental access to the minor’s information in My Kanta Pages. However, parents or other guardians cannot see the information of a child over 10 years of age in My Kanta Pages.

When a minor turns 18, they will also see their personal information saved in the Kanta Services before 1 August 2016.

Under-aged parent or carer

Persons under 18 who are a child's parents or carers have the right to act on the child's behalf both in healthcare and pharmacies. In this case, they have the same rights to take care of an under-aged child's affairs as adult parents or carers.

As of now, carers under 18 are in other European countries considered to be minors and do not have a right to act on behalf of a child.

Last updated 03.05.2019