Consent to the use of prescription data

Consent to the use of prescription data

Your prescription data can be shared with healthcare and social welfare service providers in situations related to your care without your separate consent.

If the healthcare and social welfare services want to retrieve your prescription data for a purpose other than for your care, your written consent is needed.

At a pharmacy, your verbal request is needed for retrieving your prescriptions for dispensing the medicine.

The sharing of your prescription data is based on the Kanta information you have received in MyKanta or when visiting a service provider and possibly on the denials of consent you have set up. You can set denials of consent to data sharing for individual prescriptions.

Authorisation to browse prescription data when acting on behalf of another person

You can issue a separate authorisation for browsing your prescription data, for example, for acting on behalf of another person, in a pharmacy or in the healthcare service.

If someone else collects your prescriptions from the pharmacy, they must show your patient instruction sheet of your prescription or your Kela card. When using a Kela card, the person collecting the medicines must have the information about the medicine they are collecting. It is also possible to give an e-authorisation in the online service to the person who is collecting the prescription medicines. When using the authorisation, the person collecting the medicines must know your personal identity code.

Managing other prescription-related matters in the pharmacy requires either

  • electronic authorisation to use pharmacy services on behalf of someone else via, or
  • completed and signed Prescription authorisation form.

Due to patient safety and data protection, the forms are available only in pharmacies, healthcare services and Kela’s service points.

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Last updated 20.5.2024