Instructions for safe use of MyKanta

Instructions for safe use of MyKanta

Read instructions on safe use of MyKanta.

It is safe to visit MyKanta when you follow these instructions: 

  1. Type in the browser address bar. Do not log in to MyKanta directly from online search engine results. 
  2. Save the page in the bookmarks or favourites of your browser. That way you can access the page directly without using search engines. 
  3. From the website, select the button Log in to MyKanta. It will take you to the service where you can select your preferred means of identification. is a shared identification service for public administration, and data is also shared safely within the service.  
    • If you identify yourself to MyKanta using your banking codes, the service enabler you can see may be Osuuspankki (OP) even if you are using banking codes from another bank. 
    • If you identify yourself with a mobile certificate, the service enabler may show as Telia. This will have no impact on identification: it is always safe to log in to MyKanta from
  4. Log out of MyKanta when you have finished using it. Also delete your browsing history and cache and close all open browser windows. This will ensure that those using the same computer or mobile device after you will not be able to view your data.

Never send sensitive information by email, such as your personal identity code or banking codes. The Kanta Services or Kela never ask for them by email, text message or telefon.

Also note that the MyKanta service does not have a separate mobile app. The recommended browsers for using MyKanta include e.g. Chrome and Firefox. 

What shall I do if I have been a target of a phishing attempt?

If you have landed on a suspicious website or received a message asking you to log in, act as follows:

  • Do not respond to the message or enter your data in the requested fields.
  • Do not click the links in the message.
  • If you suspect that your banking codes may have fallen into the wrong hands, contact your bank’s customer services and then report the matter to the police.

Take care of yourself and those close to you

Every one of us can take care of those close to us by distributing information about online scams and by helping in the use of MyKanta to ensure safe login to the service. However, please remember that the identification means holder must use the codes him/herself and they must not be shared with anyone else. 

People of all ages can be targets of phishing attempts, and therefore everyone must be vigilant when using online services.

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Last updated 26.1.2024